Guided by nature


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Our mission is to put nature at the heart of everyone's well-being.

This means rolling out the best landscaping solutions for all types of environments: natural, urban and heritage.

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What we do

Our teams design and maintain spaces where nature can share its many benefits.

In addition to these two essential activities, we provide a complementary expertise: ecological engineering. This innovative approach ensures we always work best with the living world.

Our sustainability commitments

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Nature is our business. We owe the natural world everything. We want to do our utmost to equal what nature offers us.

Preserving biodiversity, optimising resources, reducing our carbon footprint and that of our customers: these are our priorities in everything we do.

This commitment is shared by our staff. Osmaïa is fully engaged to ensure its employees’ well-being, working hard at it every day.

Corporate culture

Preserving biodiversity

Reducing our carbon footprint

Health, safety and quality of life at work

Osmaïa companies

We nurture the strengths of the companies that join us: their teams, their managers and the very essence of their brand.

Our ambition is to unite regional companies with our project, showcasing the human and entrepreneurial skills of our partners.

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Nos dernières actualités

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