Public sector

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Nature is a jointly-owned asset. Public spaces must allow access to nature for every citizen every day, and help preserve it too.

Local authorities

We work with local authorities to ensure everyone can enjoy the benefits of nature.

Natural regeneration, improving natural spaces, bioclimate adaptation. We have many solutions.


Ministries are symbols of public strength and represent our shared assets.  

We have solutions to maintain, preserve and develop the shared natural legacy they represent.

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Our other business sectors


  • Head offices
  • Hotels
  • Industrial sites


  • Schools - young children
  • Leisure centres
  • Secondary and university education


  • Care homes
  • Hospitals

Historic gardens

  • Historic gardens


  • Roads and their surroundings
  • River environments
  • Rail networks
  • Shopping centres

Luxury & private customers

  • Private customers
  • Major estates


  • Social housing
  • Apartments
  • Property developers

Sport & leisure

  • Golf courses
  • Racecourses
  • Football and rugby clubs
  • Athletics
  • Play areas