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Qualified and trained in all new practices, our teams work on residential and urban outdoor spaces, public highways and in industry, not forgetting developing and improving remarkable and luxury sites too.

Landscaping urban spaces, parks and gardens

The challenge for landscapers today is to create green spaces for a permanently growing population while preserving the rich local heritage, quality of the landscapes, vegetation and, most importantly, biodiversity.

Design spaces to live and share by turning a site’s legal and physical constraints into opportunities. Combine progress, ecology and societal well-being to make one balanced whole with shared benefits. Extend the openness of our parks and the surrounding natural environment by creating ecological corridors, respecting green and blue belts.

Renovation of listed gardens and design of luxury gardens

When we work on a listed cultural heritage site, the project must respect and improve the existing space while encouraging biodiversity.

Combine our great respect for the rich history of our gardens and buildings with the humility required to plan and design a renovation by the book. Specialised expertise is needed to improve the aesthetics of historic and heritage gardens.

Gardens on buildings

Highlighting a bold, geometric building, be it resolutely modern or architectural in design, while preserving the biodiversity of the outdoor space is a game of contrasts.

The landscaping must not only enhance the architectural lines, it must also affirm a determination to create a resilient project. The common theme in every choice is to always comply with an exemplary environmental policy.

Leisure, healthcare and educational spaces

These privileged outdoor spaces are where people heal, grow, relax and find comfort. They are often created by a desire for neutralness and reconciliation between people and their environment.

Making schools greener within the framework of the European GREEN DEAL, for example, has a two-fold objective: reopening the ground to encourage life to return to spaces previously asphyxiated and recreating “cool spots” of green and shade in areas that had become arid and deserted. These transformed areas are bringing inert soils back to life and recreating incredibly vital breathing spaces in our urban networks.

Complete overhaul of sports grounds

Sports grounds need renovation to get the best out of them for users.

Renovation work covers different aspects like planimetrics, substrates and grass varieties. We offer complete solutions: draining, turfing and the installation of sports equipment. We revitalise these spaces to guarantee modern, sustainable installations that comply with the highest standards. We optimise grounds and pitches for athletes and amateurs alike.

Racetrack work

Riding facilities require specific work particularly for the natural or stabilised turf tracks for jump races, flat races and outdoor schools.

The take-off and landing areas for the obstacles in the natural turf arenas are subject to extreme wear and require strengthening with the addition of a sand and fibre mixture for the best results.

Golf course renovation

Renovating a golf course brings it back to life. The work involves improving the turf, creating or renovating bunkers, improving the automatic watering system and installing drainage systems.

We work on landscaping the surrounding areas for the best possible play experience, balancing aesthetics, functionality and durability as we design attractive golf courses that comply to standards.

Installing automatic watering networks, pumping stations, ponds and fountains

Automatic watering requires the installation of automated irrigation systems including pumping stations, ponds and fountains for outdoor spaces.

Our services cover the customised design of networks, installation of the required equipment and integration of automated technologies for efficient water distribution. Our objective is to optimise irrigation, reduce water consumption and offer you sustainable solutions that will meet your specific landscaping requirements.

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