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We have developed expert services that generate customer loyalty. We provide technical and eco-friendly solutions and innovations that make managing their property simpler while respecting the environment and guaranteeing a high-quality service.

Maintenance of listed and luxury parks and gardens

We specialise in the preservation and improvement of listed and luxury landscapes. We go beyond mere maintenance, providing our extensive expertise in horticulture, landscape design and the conservation of historical features.

Every space benefits from a personal approach that takes into account its specific characteristics. Our maintenance includes management of rare plants, topiary, preserving any architectural elements and the use of techniques that are kind to the environment. This special expertise guarantees a smart aesthetic and contributes to lasting value-creation for emblematic parks and gardens, ensuring their future.

Management and maintenance of outdoor spaces

Experts in ecological and aesthetic management of outdoor spaces, we take care of the cleaning, clearing and recycling, pruning, green waste management and preservation of the natural biodiversity.

Using specialised techniques, our approach ensures the safety and security of the space while respecting its natural balance. This service requires extensive knowledge and expertise, from plant knowledge to using the right equipment with a sustainable approach too. Our engagement helps add value and sustainability to outdoor spaces, with a complete and environmentally-friendly approach.

Maintenance of natural sites and business centres

At the crossroads of preservation and optimisation, managing parks and gardens in natural industrial sites and business centres requires sustainable practices.

The aim is to maintain the aesthetics of the space while minimising the ecological impact. This approach helps create sites that are functional, aesthetic and kind to the environment, strengthening the image of business centres and preserving the natural balance of industrial sites.

Management of natural urban spaces

The maintenance and management of natural urban spaces requires upstream analysis of the ecological challenges, compliance with our guidelines for low-impact construction sites, a biodiversity management plan and the organisation and decontamination of the spaces themselves.

This approach must include communication, raising awareness and training for the teams, local residents and local politicians.

Maintenance of residential gardens

Ensure the balanced management of gardens while taking into account the social characteristics of the properties.

We optimise maintenance operations working at specific times to avoid disturbing the residents as much as possible. We play an active role in reinforcing the connection between the residents and their gardens, adopting an educational approach to promote environmental techniques and sustainable, resilient maintenance methods. These include integrated biological control, eco-friendly equipment, electric tools and saving water.

Tree pruning and maintenance

Our practices are targeted to improve the health, structure and appearance of trees.

This expertise involves precise pruning techniques to remove diseased branches, encourage balanced growth and reduce the risk of falling limbs or trees. We also carry out specific tree care including managing diseases like parasites and fungi. These practices strengthen the resilience of trees in light of the changing environmental conditions while preserving their aesthetic integrity.

Complete maintenance of sports pitches and grass

For a natural grass, hybrid, synthetic or stabilised pitch to last, maintenance is essential.

We can provide all maintenance required for maintaining a sports pitch (mowing, tracing, post-match repair, match preparation, fertilising, etc.)

We can also maintain a synthetic pitch with brushing, cleaning and surface decontamination.

Stabilised soils can also be cleaned, levelled and rolled to extend their use.

Maintenance of automatic watering networks

Automatic watering networks require scheduled and corrective maintenance to ensure the systems function correctly.

This means regular inspections, replacements and repairs of any faulty elements. By optimising these networks, we can guarantee efficient irrigation, reduced water wastage and long-lasting equipment.

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