Companies have an essential role in our ecological transition. We roll out solutions to help them maintain, preserve and develop their natural heritage.

Head offices

The head office is a company’s flagship building.

We make sure that their environmental commitments and engagements can be seen through living nature.


Well-being, relaxation and pleasant workspaces

Whatever their guest expectations, we work with hotels to make nature a key part of the customer experience.

Industrial sites

Every business park can be home to a little bit of nature.

To achieve this, we offer environmental solutions and the associated expertise.

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Our other business sectors


  • Schools - young children
  • Leisure centres
  • Secondary and university education


  • Care homes
  • Hospitals

Historic gardens

  • Historic gardens


  • Roads and their surroundings
  • River environments
  • Rail networks
  • Shopping centres

Luxury & private customers

  • Private customers
  • Major estates

Public sector

  • Local authorities
  • Ministries


  • Social housing
  • Apartments
  • Property developers

Sport & leisure

  • Golf courses
  • Racecourses
  • Football and rugby clubs
  • Athletics
  • Play areas