We are a benchmark group in landscaping and ecological engineering.

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Nature + Passion + Expertise +
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Osmaïa innovates and operates in France and all over Europe through its different brands. For 130 years, its 1,700 employees have been empowering nature, putting it at the heart of our everyday for everyone’s well-being.

What makes us unique

A benchmark

We are known and recognised in France and Europe for our landscaping expertise.

This expertise is structured around a wide range of skill sets that we apply to very varied environments: natural, urban, infrastructure, heritage, etc.

Guided by nature

Guided by nature, every day we implement the best landscaping solutions to improve your outdoor spaces.

We are also preserving biodiversity and putting natural experiences back at the heart of our everyday for everyone’s well-being.

Agile and local

We are an agile organisation that combines local operational independence and leadership in our regions with the strength and power of a group. With its dense local network, Osmaïa can roll out new skills, pooling operational excellence and commercial synergies.

Shared values

High standards

We create landscapes driven by excellence that comply with strict standards.


Our flexibility means we can quickly adapt to new environmental challenges.


We are always exploring new approaches to revolutionise landscaping.


We respect nature and everyone’s well-being.

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Passionate teams

We work hard to develop a strong corporate culture based on our teams’ sense of belonging.

Osmaïa has an inspiring and committed management team. It celebrates people with complementary talents through internal promotion, Osmaïa companies and people drawn to our organisation.

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We are writing new chapters of a story that first began 130 years ago.


Pinson Paysage

Etienne Pinson first created the company and gave it its vision. Over decades, several generations passionately maintained his timeless love of nature, perpetuating his legacy.


A new adventure

Pinson Paysage became independent led by its historic management team and supported by MBO+. The company continued its development.


Four new companies

Four new companies joined the group, opening the path to expansion in three of France’s regions: the West, the Centre and the South-West.


Four additional companies

Four new companies joined the Osmaïa adventure to consolidate its presence in Île-de-France and establish roots in the PACA region.


Structure through acquisition

The purchase of the Botanica Group was an important phase in accelerating the group’s strategy.
Roots in the PACA region, a national presence and unique activities provided the group with new synergies.


4 new acquisitions

Four companies joined Osmaïa, strengthening the group’s strategic presence in Île-de-France and the West.
The PACA region now had companies that were experts in the field of pruning and clearing.


The first step overseas

Swiss company Setex joined the group, paving the way to its international ambitions.


3 new companies

Three companies joined the group, strengthening its position in Île-de-France and the South-West.


A new identity to serve the group’s ambitions

A new logo, a new name to unite us around a shared and inspiring project: empowering nature.