Sport & leisure

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We believe it is essential that everyone at any age can enjoy sport and leisure at a high-quality infrastructure in an environment where nature has its rightful place.

Golf courses

Every course requires meticulous care and sometimes a new lease of life!

Our teams of specialists make sure that the greens are always perfect.


Racecourses require expert and precise maintenance.

These are qualities that we roll out to all racecourses in France.

Football and rugby clubs

We have developed cutting-edge expertise in turf installation and maintenance.

It ensures high-level sport at every occasion.


Our teams provide every expertise in the creation and maintenance of all kinds of athletics tracks.  

Play area

Playgrounds and play areas ensure kids and adults can use up their energy and develop their physical strength and motor skills.

Open spaces to which we add a touch of nature and its benefits.

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Our other business sectors


  • Head offices
  • Hotels
  • Industrial sites


  • Schools - young children
  • Leisure centres
  • Secondary and university education


  • Care homes
  • Hospitals

Historic gardens

  • Historic gardens


  • Roads and their surroundings
  • River environments
  • Rail networks
  • Shopping centres

Luxury & private customers

  • Private customers
  • Major estates

Public sector

  • Local authorities
  • Ministries


  • Social housing
  • Apartments
  • Property developers